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Genius: Washington DC Is Implementing A 'World Cup Emergency Amendment Act' To Let Bars Stay Open 24 Hours A Day And Serve Booze For 22 Hours

I'm not one to get political, but this is the sort of politics I can get behind. This is where our focus needs to be. This is how we help drown out the loss to Japan earlier today. A simple yet effective emergency amendment act to let bars stay open for 24 hours. Let you sober up for 2 hours though because they can only serve beer for 22 hours. 6am-4am. Perfect two hours to get a nap and get back at it for the first match of the day.

This is how I know we're starting to take soccer serious. Some may say it's for money. I say take a look around the world at the best soccer teams. They all drink. They all party. We need that. We need our fans hammered - because no one wants to go to Qatar - and support the boys. 

I do love the two hour break though. Couldn't just make it be 24 hours? What's the point? The plan should be that no one can sober up enough for work. If you care about the World Cup you just gotta take that time off and say you're working from home. Also if DC can pass this, every city in America needs to pass this bill. It even has a sick name. Emergency amendment act sounds legit. 

World Cup champs back on.