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Sex, Cursing, And Political Hijinks In A Galaxy Far Far Away: Andor Is The Grown Up Star Wars Show We've All Been Waiting For

After 45 years and multiple wars taking place in a galaxy far far away, it looks like Andor has finally given us some more grounded Star Wars content that displays the impact that years of war can have on a universe along with the typical degenerate shit that any civilization would have. I described Andor as Star Wars After Dark after episodes 1-3, where we had dudes getting murdered point-blank execution style along with cursing and sex both being made canon in the Star Wars Universe.

I know Star Wars fans will point out that sex has been a thing in Star Wars for a while now considering Padme got pregnant. But that happened after her and Ani were frolicking in a meadow, which is different than Bix and her boy toy stinking up their smush hut. Maybe if Anakin had real deal sex with Natalie Portman instead of rolling down the hills of Naboo, he wouldn't have flipped to the dark side. Makes you think…

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Episode 4 was my favorite of the series since it gave subtle Thrones vibes with the dialogue, world building, and grandiose political games being played. Yes I realize I am a professional idiot saying things I probably don't fully understand. But everything just felt Thronesy, right down to that sick fuck Qyburn being a middle manager for The Empire.

Luthen was also very much pulling off some shady shit, which means he will be somewhere on my Sus List all the way through the series finale.

Shout out Cousin from The Bear for showing up and being the same skeptical asshole we have known to grow and love/hate (I binged The Bear on Hulu after Dante and Rico both happened to blog it within an hour of each other out of the blue and I suggest you do the same).

Oh yeah did I mention that there is a character name Clem Andor who the show is essentially named after since Cassian took his name in episode 4?

Yup, I'm all in on this crazy show even though my brain was overloaded trying to figure out what the hell happened during that first 3 episode binge with unannounced flashbacks, the obligatory influx wacky Star Wars names, and a new set of planets/cities to learn. However they wrapped up everything nicely at the end of that third episode with some cool moments that felt as real as you are gonna get with a franchise full of space ships and laser beams along with a more grown up show in episode 4 where they are laying groundwork for a serious political Star Wars thriller that feels different than anything else in the franchise, which is all I can ask for.

We talked all about the first four episodes of Andor along with what we hope to see moving forward on My Mom's Basement. Watch or listen below!