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George Pickens Made A Gravity-Defying Catch That Is Easily The Best Of The New NFL Season So Far

Loved George Pickens coming out of the draft, even as he barely played football last year due to his recovery from a torn ACL. After a couple quiet, one-catch games to begin his NFL career, Pickens already has two grabs for the Steelers in Thursday's AFC North showdown with the Browns.

I mean this is truly sick. The Amazon Prime Video crew pulled up tape of the legendary Odell Beckham Jr. one-hander from several years back. That's how insane this snag by Pickens was.

Related headline from today:

You'd think "gravity-defying" means a catch of the vertical variety, but my initial reaction to this was how crazy it was that Pickens basically went horizontal to the turf, and somehow contorted himself enough to stretch for the ball and not simply crash to the ground. The body control, the core strength to twist in such a way and the strong hands to execute this reception were all remarkable. 

In case you only vaguely remember, yours truly aggregated all the rave reviews from Steelers training camp about Pickens and proclaimed him the NFL's camp MVP by a landslide. Unfortunately, as a Bengals guy, I'm getting a little worried about how damn good Pickens looks. Turns out Mitch Trubisky and his scattershot accuracy have a crazy margin for error when Pickens is targeted. Let's see if Mitch can sling that 'Bisky biscuit well enough, or if Pickens marches straight over to Mike Tomlin and demands a quarterback change for Kenny Pickett.

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