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One Night Only: Thursday Night Blackjack With Dave, Big Cat, Hank, & Co.

I've been doing some blackjack streams on the Barstool Sportsbook with Hank the past couple weeks on the PMT twitch channel. Our plan is to do them every halftime of Monday Night Football. Because there was a double header this past week, we did it post game. And since today there is a stream on the barstoolcasino twitch channel with Dave in town, we figured let's get a big game with the boys! No complaints from me about playing more blackjack!

Now I'll admit that we didn't get off to a great start on these. I flubbed the first hand because I couldn't get in in time.


But I am seriously on a quest to eventually become a blackjack dealer (my childhood dream). However, I also realize that I have always struggled talking to women.

The streams have been super fun and hopefully tonight goes well too! Either way, tune in to check it out at halftime on twitch.tv/barstoolcasino