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Mayhem: This New Rule Being Tested Is The Single Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen On A Basketball Court

What the fuck did I just watch? I mean, I know what I just watched. But ... why? This is over in Spain's Liga ACB - arguably a top-3 league in the world. A league with names that you know. A league that Luka Doncic played in before being drafted. Now we're out here with a mix of soccer, lacrosse and YAK basketball? It's the single dumbest thing I've ever seen on a court and I've seen plenty of stupid. 

I don't even understand how it speeds the game up. The .5 second it takes for the ref to hand the ball over? What about subs? Can you only sub during free throws and timeouts? That seems outrageous. Basketball is fine the way it is. There are minimal things we need to change - block/charge basically the only major thing. We don't need a blend of soccer and lacrosse where the ball just flies around like this. It's mayhem. It's not even fun mayhem. 

Just keep this as far away from basketball as possible. It's not helping the game. It's not Rock n Jock. It's not something that is even smart. I get we like scoring and it helps casual fans stay entertained but this is brutal. I'm just going to blindly blame Rob Manfred and Mark Emmert for this, even if it's in Spain.