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I Will Ride a Horse Across Mexico If You Use My Merch Code

With Die Trying in limbo I figured this would be a perfect way to kick something back into gear. Long story short we don't have a sponsor for season 2. I have a lot of big ideas, but they are expensive. For instance it cost 20K to go to the Bahamas, where a crazy guy will dress me in chain mail, take me to the bottom of the ocean, tape a dead chicken to my arm and have a shark attack me. I have no doubt in the future we will get another sponsor, but in the meantime I'm sick of waiting around. I'll do the show for a next to nothing budget and pay for it/film it myself if thats what it takes. I just want to get back at it. 

Help me out, use my code to buy literally anything in the store (Die Trying Gear preferred) and help me chose my next adventure