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The Cast Talking About TJ Lavin Surprising Them After Coming Out Of His Coma Makes 'The Challenge' Documentary Worth The Watch

So last night was the premier of The Challenge documentary. I know, everyone has a documentary now, but I actually was looking forward to this. The Challenge is the one reality show I still watch religiously and have watched for decades. It's intriguing because it went from the big party show to a competition show to a mix of both - which they address. But that's not what this blog is about.

This blog is about TJ Lavin - an ELITE host. More importantly the moment he came back to the show and surprised the cast when he came out of his coma. They had some unseen footage of the cast waiting for him and the moment he talked to them. It was awesome. TJ Lavin is as much of the show as some of the contestants. Sure we all know Bananas, CT, Laurel, Cara Maria, Wes, etc. But TJ is up there with them. He's on the Mt. Rushmore of the show. 

For those who don't know or forgot. TJ suffered a nasty fall during a BMX event which sent him into the coma. No one knew if he was going to host again let alone recover completely from it. But he's TJ. TJ hates quitters, so he made his way back. I love how they tied that in by the way. A perfect TJ segment to go from recovering from a coma to hating quitters. 

Check it out. It's a quick documentary. 6 episodes over 3 weeks with the first two starting last night. Like I said, it's worth it just for the TJ scene alone. All-time host, all-time dude.