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Crazy Ass Scene As 1,400 Colombian Soccer Fans Invaded The Field And Attacked Their Own Team Because They Keep Losing

[Source] - A TOP flight clash was abandoned after 1,400 fans invaded the pitch to ATTACK players and coaching staff.

Deportivo Cali, who currently sit rock bottom of the Colombia's Categoria Primera A table, travelled to the Estadio Doce de Octubre to take on Cortulua on Wednesday.

But, in the 81st minute play was halted as a large group of fans poured out of the stands and onto the pitch.

Around 1,400 people took to the field - most of whom were Deportivo Cali fans - and began verbally and physically abusing players and staff.

Good God that looks terrifying. Mostly because I don't like 1) being around that many people in a confined space and 2) I prefer not getting attacked. You can yell at me. You can call me whatever. I prefer not getting hit and kicked. Just a personal preference quite frankly. The best part? This was an AWAY game. They didn't even wait for it to be at home to attack. Nope. They were sick and tired of losing so they went and attacked their own team on the road. Seems ruthless to me. 

This is why I'm thrilled to not be a professional soccer player in South America. We're talking about a top flight division here in Colombia. This isn't some no-name league. It's the best in Colombia. I prefer having anonymous Internet commenters try and make fun of me instead of being attacked by hundreds of people. Also I'm scared of Colombia ever since the 1994 World Cup. Don't need that worry in my life. 

Here's what I want to know. What's the end game? You're pissed that your team keeps losing. I get it. Losing sucks. But if you hurt your own team do you think they are just going to get better players? I don't think so. You just ruined all recruiting. No one wants to play for a team that gets physically attacked by their own team. 

Soccer fans man. Fucking brutal.