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BREAKING: Ime Udoka Is Facing A Significant Suspension (Or Worse?) For Breaking Organizational Guidelines, Whatever The Hell That Means

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.
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I'm sorry, what? What exactly did I just read? 

"An unspecified violation of organizational guidelines"?

What does that mean? Can someone please stop and tell me what the fuck is going on right now? First Gallo tears his ACL, then Rob has knee surgery, and now what, is Ime about to get fired? We're only less than a week away from training camp for the most important season in recent Celtics history so this is kind of a big deal. Why does that Woj tweet say nothing specific yet absolutely terrify me? If it was nothing serious, there is no Woj tweet. But what exactly does it mean to violate organizational guidelines? Did he try and go behind Brad's back on something? Was he really a Warriors sleeper cell this whole time and tanked the Finals by giving them info? Was it something on a more personal level? It could be anything!

Even the local beat guys are getting the same vague info

So I'm going to assume this is pretty serious. I have to say, having to suspend or possibly fire your head coach a week before training camp seems less than ideal. In a perfect world, you wouldn't have to do that, especially at a time when you're trying to compete for a title as the odds on better favorite. I'm not sure if you noticed, but Ime was pretty important to this team's success. Everything from his scheme to how he related to the players was exactly what this roster needed. To now be without that, at a time when you are working in a new player in Malcolm Brogdon is significant. I'm honestly a bit scrambled as I blog this as this is all happening in real time. 

Any minute my phone could buzz and we'll get a follow up tweet, but so far all we're left to do is speculate.