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Boss Girls And Queens: Girl Boss Town And Shannon Ford Were On The Mother Knows Best Podcast!

I want to be a "boss," a "queen," or whatever y'all say nowadays to refer to a girl being powerful. In my "boomer" language, I would say a "stud," "bad ass," "a go-getter," or "a complete package." I was honored to speak to two "girl bosses in the last two weeks." I am impressed with what they have accomplished at their age. 

Last week Robyn DelMonte, aka GirlBossTown, was here. Her creative, intelligent advertising posts show you what is going on and why. She will open your eyes to the details and change how you look at any ad campaign. So thought-provoking for a novice like me! If I were a corporation spending a lot of money on ads, I would definitely be reaching out to her…I would want her "GirlBossTown Stamp of Approval." By the way, I got the "GBT Stamp of Approval" from her, so I feel exceptional. Robyn has hosted Red Carpet awards with E!, the Forbes 30 under 30 for social media, and many other accolades since she started this journey last November. It hasn't even been a full year. A girl on fire! 

You can watch her episode here:

Robyn was so much fun to hang out with!  She made this TikTok with us:

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Shannon Ford. She exudes a fun, positive, loving attitude when with you. You feel like you can be yourself and have made a new friend. She is interested in you and has a drive for success that is unstoppable. She makes things happen in her life and embraces the journey day by day in the moment, only she has a plan! Alex is such a huge fan I thought I would have to pick Alex up off the floor! Shannon is an example of making lemons out of lemonade! Lots of words of wisdom.

You can watch her episode here:

I also made some REALLY good cookies that had "Pee Cans" and "Pa Cons" in them.  Big Cat and Dave both rated them! 

Happy First Day of Autumn!