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How Cool Is This? Joey Votto Is Sitting In The Stands Of The Reds Game Like One Of Us Regular Folk While Taking Pictures And Signing Autographs

I've already written a billion times about how awesome Joey Votto is but he keeps doing stuff that cements it. He really is just a normal guy playing baseball and he proved that Wednesday night while he took in the Reds game as any normal fan would, hanging out in the outfield stands. Just your everyday MVP and potential future Hall Of Famer walking around grabbing popcorn before heading out to his seat. It also looks like he stopped to take every pitcher, sign every autograph, and meet all the fans. Really cool thing done by him, usually when a guy is out for the year and rehabbing he's done with the team. He'll go rehab where he wants to, someplace warm. But it seems like Votto has decided to stick around Cinci and be around the team. 

Making dreams come true while he's checking out his teammates on the diamond. What a guy. He's doing it all too, on Tuesday night he was in the booth doing some play-by-play with the broadcast team, something he's done a few times. He talked about guys showering and how he has a dad bod. You know, just normal things you hear everyday on your baseball broadcast. 

But seriously, they just don't make them like Votto. Nowadays it seems like most athletes want to duck away from the fans, stay out of the limelight, and just not be seen. Votto is the opposite, he goes and sits with the fans, fist bump them on the way to the bathroom, and take some selfies. Guy is a legend.