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Zack Hample (Foul Ball Guy) Is A Fraud Who Will Not Be In The Stands For Aaron Judge's 62nd Home Run Because He Went On Vacation

For those that do not know, this is Zack Hample. He has paved a career out of catching every foul ball and important home run. I don't understand how he does it but he positions himself perfectly in every stadium. A lot of people cant stand him because he does take the ball from kids like the picture above, he makes peoples accomplishments about himself catching the ball, and lastly people just find him straight up weird. I started to respect him because it was such a weird hobby that turned him into a talent and he would get every single ball.

Aaron Judge is about to beat a record nobody has come close to (without steroids) and he decided to go on a planned vacation. Source - 

“I am actually in Southern California at the moment,” Hample told The Post Wednesday afternoon. “I’ve had this trip booked for a while, in my pursuit of going to all 30 stadiums this year. I thought about canceling it, right up until the last second. Kind of wish that I had, based on Judge hitting No. 60 while I was gone and also where that ball landed. That landed right near one of the few of my regular spots at the stadium, so that’s pretty frustrating.” 

This is the saddest shit of all time. Who do you want the kids to look up to Zack? All they know is the foul ball guy and when Aaron Judge hit number 60 my 3 year old turned to me and said where is Zack, he always sits in those seats. This is history, your life is catching these balls, how do you still go on vacation? I respected this man and his work but now it is completely gone because a sun tan became more important to him than catching a historic home run ball. 


If Judge hits a home run tonight I will be going to the game and catch that ball and they will never get it from me. I will make sure I get that ball and shove it in Zack's face. I am almost too distraught to write the rest of this blog because I don't know what I can believe in anymore. I thought it would kill him to see these college kids get this ball, but I guess not. Next time you see me I will have Aaron Judges 62nd home run, not fraud ass Zack Hample.