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Neither Randy Arozarena Or Yandy Diaz Were In The Lineup For The Rays On Tuesday After The Two Reportedly Got Into A Physical Altercation In The Parking Lot

Honestly, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more. Baseball players basically spend half the year together, you're bound to get into some scraps with buddies aren't ya? That is apparently what happened with Randy Arozarena and Yandy Diaz in the parking lot after Monday Night's game vs the Astros. Neither guy played on Tuesday in the loss and then Kevin Cash was asked about the two players before Wednesday's game. He didn't deny it, in fact he practically confirmed it. 

"We're past everything." Yeah, there was a fight. You only say you're past something if the fight is over, also toss in there that Yandy Diaz has a sore left shoulder out of nowhere and yeah, there was a fight between these guys. Who knows what they were fighting about, the Rays are basically locked into a playoff spot, both guys are having good seasons, fight could have been about anything. I will say it doesn't really look great that heading into the stretch two of your best players are scrapping in the parking lot. Like this didn't blow up in the locker room, they waited until the they got to the parking lot. Most of these happen in the dugout or clubhouse, they took this outside. Now we wait to see if they let us know what the fight was about and I hope we don't get that dumb raccoon story that the Mets gave us last year.