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Madden Ultimate Team Just Released The Coolest Player Cards We've Ever Seen In The "AKA" Collection

Uncommon EA W in the chat please!!

Alright this is sick and I love what Madden is doing with the AKA collection. Instead of giving you some overpowered cards, they're adding in nicknames for some of the most iconic alter egos out there.

Beast Mode? ✅

Fitzmagic? ✅

Iron Mike Ditka? ✅

The collection also contains:

Reggie White AKA the "Minister of Defense"

Richard Lane "Night Train"

Kam Chancellor "Bam Bam Kam"

Awesome start to the collection to say the least.

I'd love to see Megatron, Primetime (company man) and The Fridge get added into the collection.

Who else should they add?