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Video: Watch Paddy The Baddy Tap Out 10 Marines In A Row

Today's special guest on ZeroBlog30 was UFC star (& longtime Stoolie) Paddy the Baddy. (Interview begins @ 19:45): 

We had him on to talk about his recent trip to Camp Pendleton, CA to train in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) with Marines, maintaining your mental health, and what's ahead for his career. I used to be stationed at Pendleton and also used to do MCMAP, albeit incredibly poorly. The only part I really enjoyed was the emphasis on striking pressure points with your knife-hand like you were Liam Neeson in Taken. I have yet to use it in real life, but I keep holding out for the perfect bar fight opportunity.

As for Paddy's visit to Pendleton you can see that below. Honestly the whole thing was a solid watch, and every time I learn more about Paddy I like him even more. Just a truly good human being all the way around. 


The part where he takes on 10 Marines one by one starts right at 5:50: