Tom Hardy Continued To Be The Man This Past Weekend And Won Another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship

So Tom Hardy is just going to keep dominating jiu-jitsu competitions, huh? Man got bored of being an awesome actor and decided to take his talents to the mat. You've got all these guys whose only escape from their families is to do some mma on the weekends and enjoy themselves. Relive some of those glory days from their prime when they were at their athletic peak. No, they don't want to golf, they want to submit their opponent, maybe get some ringworm, and possibly earn a belt. Just have a nice Saturday here and there before they have to go home and deal with real life. 

In strolls fucking Bane to ruin all of that as he proceeds to pummel these guys into a painful submission. Absolutely incredible. 

It was just last month where Hardy took home multiple titles after arm barring everyone to death. 

Variety spoke to his semifinal opponent who had podiumed never failed to podium in these kind of events. That was until he faced Edward Hardy. 

“Everyone recognized him, but he was very humble and was happy to take time out for people to take photographs with him,” a spokesperson for the event told The Guardian. “It was a real pleasure to have him compete at our event. I was shell-shocked,” Appleby said about Hardy’s showing up to the event unannounced. “[Hardy] said, ‘Just forget it’s me and do what you would normally do.’”

“He’s a really strong guy… You wouldn’t think it with him being a celebrity. I’ve done about six tournaments and I’ve been on the podium in every one. But he’s probably the toughest competitor I’ve had — he certainly lived up to his Bane character, that’s for sure.”

I love that he's showing up unannounced and fighting under his legal name Edward. Imagine the suspense and fear for the upcoming tournaments in the area? The countdown everyone has until the event begins as everyone keeps an eye on the front door where Hardy could walk through at any moment. Maybe next time he wears a mask and only unveils it before the match begins. 

Afterwards he took the time to take pictures and chat with people at the event.

What a legend. 

P.S. NEED Christian Bale or Joel Edgerton showing up to the next competition ready to go.