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Travis Kelce Breaks Down Getting Suplexed By Derwin James

This is exactly why having active players on podcasts is the best thing in the world. We need to hear what happens immediately, not wait until they retire and not care about the story anymore. Having to break down getting absolute pile-drived into the ground makes for fantastic content. I love hearing what's going through his head and whether there were any words exchanged at all. 

Being a tight end is terrifying in itself because a lot of the times you are catching the ball over the middle and someone is looking to smash you at full speed. Derwin James did just that on Thursday night football picking up Kelce and slamming him on the ground like he was in the WWE. 

What an absolute psychopath saying when he was being lifted up by Derwin James he was hysterically laughing. If I was in that position I legitimately would accidentally shit on Derwin because I would have been so scared to die. To do that to Kelce is insane because he is fucking huge and got a couple of steps in to run. That's one of the best tackles you can make. I love football rules because if you do that to a QB you will get fined and thrown out of a game but if you do it to anyone else you're the coolest guy in the league that week. 

The best part of this story is that Derwin asked Kelce a play or two later if he was okay. I respect that even more because he wasn't trying to hurt him and there is mutual respect. I don't know if I would like someone being so nice after just pummeling me though. It's like when Andrew Luck would get sacked and he would pat the guy on the head and say good tackle. In this case though, as a fan in that moment you would think that Derwin is saying go fuck yourself to Kelce but it was just the total opposite. 

This clip is even funnier because the week before they were making fun of Jason Kelce for getting dummied by a Lions LB.

The Kelce brothers both got tossed around the past couple of weeks but getting their reactions is well worth it.