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January 1, 2023 - The Day Ohio Becomes An Elite State To Live In

MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images. Getty Images.

Oh my goodness. There it is. The words I've been looking for. Hey, I can sit here and talk about Cincinnati but you won't believe me. It's fine. It's a decent city to live in. We have just about everything without having to spend as much and get to live in houses. Not a bad setup if you ask me. But the one thing we were missing. 

The Barstool Sportsbook. 

Now it becomes an elite state to live in. I say that as someone who isn't from here. Is the pizza as good? Of course not. Will I still refuse to eat the pasta thing from Skyline? Of course. Will I hate Ohio State football with a passion? Always and forever. But now I can ignore all that and become the next person on Picks Central. Someone who can make picks and talk about a game because I watch them. Someone who doesn't have to leave my couch to place a bet on the Barstool Sportsbook. 

It just makes me happy. Ohio can screw up a bunch of ways, but at least we have this. At least we have January 1, 2023. A great day to celebrate Kentucky winning a college football playoff game. Excuse me - a great day to celebrate currently ranked top-10 Kentucky winning a college football playoff game. Great day to prep for the national title game. And it's a great day to live in Ohio.