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UNC Is A Soft Ass School Who Should Be Embarrassed After Forcing Drake Maye To Apologize For Making A Joke About NC State

First off, Drake, fuck your brother always and forever. Second off, have you ever met our pal Quigs? Dude was in NASA or something and he went to NC State. Now he's an all-time meme guy. Does that sound like someone who couldn't get into UNC? I don't think so. 

But this is just sad. Drake made a joke that I've heard my pops (a Wake Forest grad) make for my entire life. It's a common joke that I'm pretty sure I've even heard in NJ/NYC when Duke fans who can't spell Durham try to say it. But to have to apologize? It's a rivalry. Sports are supposed to be 1) competitive, 2) winners and losers, 3) filled with shit talk. Spare me any fake sportsmanship crap. Games at any level, any sport, involve shit talking. Now we're talking about a college rivalry and this quote is basically an elementary school recess yard joke compared to what will be said. 

This is just why UNC is a soft ass loser school. Making kids apologize for this? Soft. I don't know how else to explain it. We need to get back to a world where we can make jokes about rivals. Where we can talk shit and have it be encouraged. No more forced apologies. It's time to grow up.