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Some Advice To Help Cindy Kimberly Since She Can't Stop Wearing See-Through Dresses And Going Topless

I'm not even going to apologize for some clickbait. Need a little help here folks. We're running a Merchapolooza contest and need everyone to use my link. I don't have a podcast. I don't have a video format. I have the blog. 10% off just click my link/use code REAGS and not someone else's. Deal? Deal. I'll keep posting blogs like this if so. Oh and if you tweet at me, DM me or email me ( you bought using my code and I win? I'll give someone $2,000. Win-win. 

So that's my advice for Cindy Kimberly. You see, she can't stop wearing see-through dresses and going topless. 10% off and she can wear some of the finest Barstool shirts - or just hats. I'm not going to complain if she wants to stay topless in a hat. It's a good look! 

See? Now let's call it a deal. I'll link some merch which you can buy 10% off with code REAGS and then I'll post more pictures? Deal. 

And to prove I'm not a liar: