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Bills OL Bobby Hart Is Suspended For Trying To Punch A Titans Player In The Tunnel, Missing And Hitting A Coach In The Head Instead

Well as someone who watched Bobby Hart attempt to block on the Giants this checks out. Not that he tried to be aggressive. But that he missed. Watching Bobby Hart SUCKED - like most of the Giants in 2016 and 17. Dude was just awful. But I've moved past that. He's a backup OL for the Bills now. Good for him for still being in the league.

But this? This is hilarious. Apparently - this is all alleged on Twitter and social media- he was going after Jeffrey Simmons. Instead he - again, alleged - punched Vrabel in the head and Vrabel had to be held back. Now why does this matter? Besides the thought of a pissed off Vrabel fighting a player, Hart played for the Titans last year. 

I just want to know how you miss so badly? Again, I'm not claiming to be a great fighter or anything like that. I'm not. But missing a gigantic human and landing a punch to the head of a coach is just awful. It's what Rough n Rowdy big boy fighting looks like. 

Now rankings of the 5 coaches I wouldn't want to fight in the NFL and why: 

5. Lovie Smith - Old man strength, beard intimidates me

4. Andy Reid - jolly, belly would just eat body punches

3. Mike Vrabel - jacked

2. Brian Daboll - my guy, bald, for sure fights dirty

1. Dan Campbell - I like my knees