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Whoa: A Report Claims There Was Alleged Sabotage Within Arizona State's Athletic Department Because Some Wanted Herm Edwards Fired

Uhh whoa. This is sabotage if correct. It also shows how much of a disaster the Herm Edwards-era truly was at Arizona State. It's not exactly a secret that it wasn't great and there was arguments within the athletic department about who should have the job. But to sabotage your own team? That's career suicide. It's somehow worse than that. I understand you're trying to get Herm out of there but you're fucking over your own team. 

It reminds me of WakeyLeaks, which is one of the stories that needs to be talked about more: 

[Source] - But as it turned out, the smallest Power 5 school in the country had played with one arm tied behind its back, in a scandal that came to be known as “WakeyLeaks.”

The next day, Clawson stood in front of his players.

There had been a security breach, he told them. He ordered players to change their passwords, coaches to turn in their phones and warned everyone, according to one player, “not to lie to him because he would find out the truth.”

Most troubling of all, he implied that the breach had come from within the program.

The person causing those leaks was a damn radio announcer. Now at Arizona State we're talking about people within the athletic department. Fairly open but that could be anyone. Are we talking assistant coaches? Are we talking people higher up? Remember Ray Anderson, the AD at ASU, is one of Herm's best friends. Now you have this? A disaster to say the least. 

Now, can we be surprised? No, well at least not about Herm being a disaster. This is in the same report: 

[Source] - Asked if Edwards bothered to learn NCAA rules, a former athletic department staff member said, “I don’t think it was a top priority for him.” Another said that during Edwards’ first year, staffers would have to “babysit” Edwards at events where contact with certain prospects was prohibited. “He’s such a nice guy that he would just … ‘Hey, can we take a picture?’ ‘Oh, yeah, no problem,'” the former staff member said. “He didn’t know that was against the rules.'”

I, uh, I don't know how that happens. You are the head coach of a major football program. How do you not know basic rules when it comes to recruiting? Everyone who covers the sport knows the basic rules let alone coaches and everyone around a program. 

As for these allegations? They are serious. You're talking about leaking information in a world where that's gold. The entire article goes into all the problems some of the staff had with Herm - including grooming Antonio Pierce to being his successor, access for Jayden Daniels' mom and even a former staffer sending recruiting violation allegations to the compliance department. 

Oh not to mention they are about to go through a coaching search. Seems, you know, not great! Not great to have sabotage allegations when you're trying to find someone to help make Arizona State relevant.