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The Browns Set An American Sports Record By Holding A Players-Only Meeting After Just TWO Games

That's gotta be a record. My research (Google.com) shows that this record was previously held by the New York Knicks, when Carmelo Anthony called a Players Only Meeting just four games into the season after losing to the Charlotte Bobcats. And the Cleveland Browns not only broke the record, they have shattered it. Move over Joe DiMaggio, this has now become the #1 ranked record that will never be broken. For a team to break this record, they would need to call a Players Only Meeting after the first game of the season.

So apparently this was just a Defense Only meeting, which I would classify as well-deserved. Everyone knows that Players Only Meetings are for emergencies only, and I would say that what happened in each of the last two 4th quarters have been Level 5 Disasters. That's right, let's not forget about Week 1. Just because Cade York put the ball through the uprights from a million yards out to win the game doesn't make me forget that Baker Mayfield found a wide open Robbie Anderson streaking down the middle of the field for a 75 yard touchdown with 6:00 left to make it a one score game. Not to be confused with when fellow great QB, Joe Flacco, found Corey Davis literally unguarded on the sideline for a 66 yard touchdown this week to make it a one score game. 


The fact of the matter is that the Browns should be 2-0 and sitting alone in 1st place in the division, but instead we're 1-1, feeling like shit, fighting amongst ourselves, and holding players only meetings. All because our defense can't hold two score leads as the 4th quarter winds down.

ADDITIONALLY, I hope the defense gets on the same page about the Booing Situation we have on our hands. Shockingly, Browns fans were upset when the team blew a game in the final 1:22 that they had a 99.9% chance of winning. A game that 2,229 straight teams have found a way to win. It was disappointing, but according to Myles Garrett, not as disappointing as the boo birds that came out as they left the field.

That is one of the worst quotes I've ever seen, and the rest of the team clearly disagrees with our "leader".


I've already blogged about it, so I won't go too far into again, but this just clearly shows we're not all on the same page. And it shows the players are frustrated (not as much as the fans, Justin Fields). Myles Garrett getting in his feelings was Exhibit A, and Denzel Ward, our other hundred million dollar man, is Exhibit B.

Why feel the need to respond to this? I'm not sure what the exact target numbers were, but the secondary was the main culprit of the epic collapse, and you are the leader of it. Why point fingers? Also, can we get a fact check on his statement?

The Browns, surprisingly, are an absolute circus once again. Hence the Players Only Meeting after 2 games.