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Aaron Judge Blasts Number 60 Followed By a Giancarlo Stanton Walk Off Grand Slam As The Bronx Goes Into a Frenzy

Honestly the fuck just happened? I haven't moved from my couch just sitting here in pure disbelief at what the Yankees just pulled off in that 9th inning. Judge led off the 9th inning and proceeded to blast his 60th homer of the season. Insanely cool moment as he ties Babe Ruth's mark, second all-time in Yankees single season history.

Insane, but to be honest the bullpen allowed that moment to be a tad less awesome considering the score. Well deserving of the ovation, but you obviously want it to come in a win. A few batters later that become a quick after thought as a slumping Giancarlo roped this bal over the left field wall. 118 mph off the bat. An absolute laser. Pandemonium. 

What a win my god that was awesome. 

Can that please get Giancarlo rolling. PLEASE

P.S. What a tweet from Hank

P.P.S. If you truly don't believe this guy is the MVP you're more wrong than Hank