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There's A 17-Year-Old Kid Fighting For A UFC Contract At Dana White's Contender Series Tonight

Dana White's Contender Series is back tonight with one of the final episodes of the season, and the most talked about storyline going into the card (BY FAR) is that of Raul Rosas Jr - a 5-0 prospect that just so happens to be a 17-year-old kid fighting on the show tonight. 

He'll break Chase Hooper's current record of being the youngest fighter ever on the show by about a year when he steps into the cage, and to say this story has captivated MMA Twitter would be an understatement. I mean, to be fair, it is crazy to think about - a 17-year-old teenager is fighting a 25-year-old man (Mando Gutierrez) for a UFC contract tonight. 

I can't imagine how much you'd get roasted by your boys for getting your ass kicked by a kid in high school, but at the same time, this is actually a pretty favorable matchup for the grappling prodigy in Rojas (at about -160), and I think with his size/reach advantage it won't be long before he's able to bring the fight to the ground.

I started with Barstool when I was 18 and sometimes found that intimidating....being in the UFC at 17 sounds like what my nightmares were like in high school, though - waking up in a cold sweat thinking Dominick Cruz just called me out or something. That'll be real life for Raul Rosas Jr with an impressive win here. Absolutely wild.

Dana White's Contender Series starts at 8pm ET on ESPN+

P.S. Dana White's Contender Series has been consistently producing some incredibly entertaining fights for years now and even if you can't watch it live, the cards are usually worth going back and checking out. It's an amazing show. Get on it ASAP if you haven't already.

P.P.S. Never listen to what Gianni says.