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I Really Need Jalen Hurts To Be Bad


You see that INT right there? That's who I need Jalen Hurts to be. My life basically hinges on Jalen Hurts being a bad quarterback. If we get 10 years of what we saw last night, I will be distraught. No, that's putting it lightly. I will be suicidal. Ok, that's a bit dramatic. I'll be somewhere in between. Jalen Hurts being very good at football has me terrified. 

It's sort of like when Dak all of a sudden got good. There was a time when Dak Prescott consistently struggled to throw for over 200 yards in a game, and went 25 out of 26 games without throwing for over 300. Then he figured it out and had a great season last year and had me scared to death, and I still think he has all the talent to be a great NFL QB.

Ironically, Carson Wentz was the same way once upon a time. I watched that man carve up the Washington defense time after time, and I was positive he was going to terrorize my life for eternity. Then he fell off and now he's going to set passing records in Washington.

Daniel Jones actually looks like a real NFL quarterback so far this season, but I wouldn't say I'm scared of him. I don't think Danny Dimes is winning games single-handily for the Gmen quite yet.

But Jalen Hurts? He has me shook. He's completing all his passes, he's not throwing picks, he learned to throw downfield, and of course he is a dual-threat with his mobility and ability to run. And the Eagles got him WEAPONS. He has AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith at WR which seems like it should be against the law if you ask me. The Eagles have put Jalen in a great spot, and that drives me insane. I was fine battling it out with Cowboys fans because Jerry is a moron and as long as he's in charge I don't see them doing much, but the Eagles? I wasn't prepared for Jalen Hurts to ruin my life.

Obviously (and HOPEFULLY!) he regresses to the mean. We see it all the time at the quarterback position, someone gets hot and then cools off. I mean shit, a lot of people right now are wondering if Kyler Murray is good. There are still (somehow) people who question if Lamar Jackson is good. So I'm not quite prepared to crown Jalen Hurts as the next best thing in sports. 

I am however petrified that the Eagles have put together an arsenal of weapons on both sides of the ball and will have me screaming UNCLE by the 3rd quarter next week. If their offense plays like they played last night, while the Washington defense plays like they've played this season, it should be a bloodbath. And even though Carson Wentz is playing awesome and putting up a ton of yards and TDs, it won't matter if the defense can't stop Hurts or cover Brown/Smith/Dallas Goedert. 

I'm not ready for the Eagles to be good for the next 10 years. I guess at least it's not the Cowboys, but still. Brutal. Painful. Please, football Jesus, don't let Jalen be good.