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Let's Go To The Tape: WWE Legend Kelly Kelly Claims She's Currently In Her Bombshell Era

I'm going to level with you guys because that's what us bloggers do. I was struggling to find something interesting to blog. Kept clicking the same stuff over and over again. Nothing new. That's when I do what I always do when I'm bored. Nostalgia. It could be reading up on something from the 90s/00s, popping on an old show or some wrestling. That's when I remembered to check out Kelly Kelly's Instagram. 

Well there it is. There's the blog. She claims she's in her bombshell era. It's an important statement because you could make the case Kelly Kelly was the hottest Diva back in the day. I was always a Stacy Keibler guy (and a Trish guy and a Sable guy and a Kelly Kelly guy). 

She's claiming she's in her bombshell era. She looks different, so it's worth going to the tape. Here's her bombshell era: 

They say the tape never lies. But for research purposes let's go back to Kelly Kelly era vs Barbie Blank era: 

CONCLUSION: Both bombshell eras. Tape doesn't lie. She doesn't lie. 

Oh speaking of wrestling (or Rasslin) watch this interview. It's good.