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Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke Says He Prefers Playing Road Games Because the Hurricanes Have a Terrible Home Atmosphere

I'm guessing Miami won't be including this quote from Tyler Van Dyke in its upcoming recruiting materials.

Van Dyke veiled what he really wanted to say by saying Hard Rock Stadium doesn't have "much of a college atmosphere" for Hurricanes games because it's a schlep for students to get there, but he should have just come out with the whole thing: it doesn't have an atmosphere at all. I can't remember the last time I saw a sold-out Miami home game, much less one in which the crowd had any sort of impact on the game.

He didn't say he likes playing road games because he enjoys being the villain in front of a hostile crowd or something like that, he basically said he just enjoys playing in front of a crowd at all. I'm sure it is a lot more fun to go play at Texas A&M or Clemson when half of your games every year are played in front of 13,000 people who are only there to get a tan and an Instagram post.

It's inexcusable for a program with goals of competing for conference and national championships to not have an on-campus stadium. It's a poverty move which leads to your players saying things like this. Hopefully John Ruiz's plan for a new stadium comes to fruition soon.