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Thank God The Ferguson Police Have This Girl In A Fall Out Boy Tshirt Protecting Them

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.50.45 PM




Is there a more nonsensical tshirt to wear to any kind of protest? Fall Out Boy? Really? I get it if there are some people in Greateful Dead or Public Enemy shirts out there throwing rocks at cops, I get it if there are some dudes in Lynrd Skynrd shirts taking rocks for cops. But Fall Out Boy? Those are the people who aren’t supposed to give a fuck about everything. They’re the “Whatever, man” kids who roamed your high school halls. They don’t give a fuck about anything. Pretty much every Fall Out fan is April Ludgate (except less hot and funny). If you tried too hard in school, or at sports, or at making friends, or killing black kids, or fighting for equality then you were a loser to the FOB crowd. And what the hell is a 19 year old girl doing being a Fall Out Boy fan anyway? Have they even done anything since Sugar We’re Going Down besides make that one song that I’m pretty sure was exclusively released for the NHL playoffs a few years ago? Go sit on a rooftop and laugh at all those losers trying in life, Lexi, be a real Fall Out fan for me. You’re not the hero anyone wants or needs.