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Does Tee Ball Need Enforcers?

I've always thought that we give baseball players way too much credit for making plays when they never have to worry about getting blown the frick up out there. Every baseball play that ends up on SportsCenter Top 10 just seems so elementary to me when the guys making the play don't have to fear for their life while doing their job. If you're making a great play in hockey, there's a strong chance you're getting completely bundled out there while making said play. If you're making a great play in lacrosse, you're getting destroyed while making said play. Same with football and rugby. But you never have to worry about that in baseball. 

That is, of course, until right now. Because this little fella is here to change the game. He's here to either crush dingers or crush bones. One way or another, something or somebody is getting crushed out there. What's sick and twisted here is I'm almost certain he strategically hit the ball to that spot for the carnage of it all. He could have easily unloaded and launched that ball into orbit. But he put a little dribbler toward the first base line just so he could deck that kid in the field. 

Personally I see no issue with the play. I think as long as you're within 5 feet of the ball, you should be able to make a play on the body. Might have been a bit of a charge, but that's when the umps need to swallow their whistle and let the boys police the game themselves. Let the enforcers settle the score out there the way god intended.