WATCH: Hilarious Video Of A Squirrel Causing Utter Chaos In A Guy's Home Office While He Was On A Call At Work

First of all, let me come out and admit that I am a fucking bitch when it comes to any sort of animal potentially being in my house. I may not scream like a person who is on fire if I see some four legged critter meandering through my house. But I'm definitely freaking out inside. 

HOWEVAH, that was way too funny of a video to not blog. Dude was straight up losing his marbles because a creature 1/50th his size was loose. Again, I'm not criticizing but it's the truth. That bat being at his side is all you need to know about the mental games that squirrel has played with him. Every time there was a creak in the house or a flicker in the corner of his eye, he thought it was go time. 

Now like all things in life, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth or in this case startled by a squirrel. I'm not sure what this guy's plan actually was for if/when the squirrel actually showed up. But yelling "JOLIE!" over and over again wasn't the best strategy unless Jolie is a family member that isn't terrified of squirrels or a dog that will eat squirrels, which culminated in this LOL funny moment.

I don't think this guy even hit the Mute button on his work call, which probably led to someone calling 911 to send emergency responders to his house. Just an absolutely hilarious moment that is as relatable as it gets.

Also OG Stoolies remember the time a squirrel put Barstool's fearless leader in its pocket and owned the original HQ.

Now I'll finish things off as all good squirrel bloggers do, with this obligatory scene from Christmas Vacation.