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A Bunch Of Nerds Are Complaining Because Christian Pulisic Wrote A Book And Talks About That Bum Thomas Tuchel Misleading Him

Oh no! The horror of Christian Pulisic writing a book at 24. Who cares? This is actually a story though. The biggest story with Pulisic at Chelsea has been his inability to stay on the field and the battle with him vs Tuchel. Now we have Tuchel out and these excerpts coming out. There's nothing too scandalous here like so many are saying on Twitter. Seriously just do a search of 'Pulisic book' and you have Chelsea fans ready to pack his bags. 

He's not bashing teammates or anything here either. He's simply saying he thought he was going to play because of what Tuchel told him and then didn't get the start. He thought he deserved it. Welcome to sports. Every player thinks they deserve to start at every single level. 

As for the first tweet - here's the goal: 

Pretty good goal! I'd ignore my coach too if I could do that. Not like it hurt Chelsea. Hell, it helped Chelsea win the entire damn tournament. They advanced 3-1 on aggregate over Real Madrid and then 1-0 win over Man City in the title game. That goal helped Chelsea tie Real Madrid 1-1 in the opening leg and play a bit more freely in the 2nd leg, which was back at Stamford Bridge. All good! 

Want to get rid of him? Good. I want him to leave Chelsea too. He's there because Boehly knows the American worth, otherwise they would have accepted his desire to transfer out this past window. Is writing a book at 24 before your career is over a little weird? Sure. But it's not uncommon. He's the biggest name in American soccer since ... I don't know, fill in the blank here. People will read it. 

Let Pulisic play and let him be ready for the World Cup.