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Lane Kiffin Admitted His Backup QB Didn't Get to Throw the Ball Against Georgia Tech Because He Felt Bad for Geoff Collins and the Fact He's Gonna Get Canned

I think this is the most embarrassing thing an opposing coach can say about your program. Georgia Tech has to get rid of Geoff Collins by this afternoon after this quote from Lane Kiffin.

Ole Miss went into Atlanta and pushed the Yellow Jackets around to the tune of a 42-0 drubbing on Saturday. And it's one thing to not run up the score unnecessarily, but to say you kept your backup quarterback from getting game reps you'd have liked him to get because you felt sorry for the opposing coach — who is definitely going to be fired at some point this season — is one I've never heard before. That's so much worse than just continuing to score.

Collins has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster at Georgia Tech, which has gone from a respectable program with a couple really great years running the option under Paul Johnson to an ACC doormat, winning three games in each of Collins' first three seasons. If the results weren't enough to get rid of him already, this quote from Kiffin should be. Go get Deion Sanders, who will recruit the hell out of Georgia and make Tech actually cool — which Collins tried to do but obviously failed miserably.

I guess credit to Kiffin for only winning by six touchdowns but then bodying Collins far more in his weekly presser than he could have on the field.