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Conference Realignment Continues To Be So Goddamn Stupid - Oklahoma/Oklahoma State Is Reportedly Ending The 'Bedlam Series'

I hate everything about this man. College sports is special because of the rivalries. There is something different about a college rivalry vs a pro rivalry. More hatred, more bragging right. Just something that hits different. Bedlam is one of the better ones. I know Oklahoma has Texas. I know that's what everyone thinks of. But Bedlam is awesome. These two schools despise each other. 

But you gotta be kidding me with this. This is where I need to take over college sports because I'd put in a rule that would make rivalries happen. I don't care if Oklahoma is going to the SEC. You should HAVE to play Oklahoma State. This goes for every major rivalry that I can think of that may go away. I know this is a debate right now with Kentucky/Louisville as the SEC is looking at going to 9 games. 

We can't lose rivalries. I don't even care necessarily about Maryland in the Big 10, but I hate that we lost Maryland/Duke basketball. I don't care that Mizzou brings nothing to the SEC. I hate that we don't have Mizzou/Kansas Border War every year. Don't even get me started on Syracuse, Pitt, BC in the ACC. Get your ass back to the Big East or play the Big East basketball schools every year. True hate is what makes college sports special. We can't lose it. 

How about this? Oklahoma plays 9 SEC games, Oklahoma State and two scrubs. There's your schedule. Or get crazy and play 9 SEC games, Oklahoma State, another P5 school and a scrub. Problem solved. This is the way it should always be. I will riot (blog and complain on Twitter) until I can bet the over in Bedlam Series.