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Marv Levy's Pregame Speech With Jim Kelly Before Last Night's Bills Game Was Awesome

First off, the intro by Jim Kelly was electric. He was already a legend in Buffalo after throwing for 36,467 yards, 237 touchdowns in his NFL career, and leading the Bills to 4 straight Super Bowls during his Hall of Fame career. 

He then had an ongoing battle with oral cancer but has now been cancer free for 3 years. So while it was awful to see him struggling, it was great to see him back and firing up the Bills crowd once again. Shoutout Jim Kelly and as always, fuck cancer. 

While Kelly led things off and was joined by Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Steve Christie, and other Bills, their coach Marv Levy turned Highmark Stadium into a loony bin with his famous line "Where else would you rather be than right here, right now.".

Awesome to see the coach still commanding crowds in Buffalo like he did in the 90's. 97 years young. Terrific. 

All time screw up by me to not know this was happening pregame and hammering the Bills. Where is Spider when you need him ? 

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