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Adnan Syed Is Officially FREE And For His First Meal At Home His Family Gave Him...Leftover Chinese Food? Does His Family Hate Him?


Adnan Syed, the man whose legal saga resulted in the the hit podcast Serial, has been filmed going through the leftovers in the fridge of one of his relatives for the first time in 23 years as he enjoys his first night of freedom.

The 41-year-old was serving a life sentence plus 40 years after he was convicted in 2000 of strangling Hae Min Lee and burying her body in a shallow grave in Baltimore's Leakin Park. Syed and Lee were high-school classmates who had dated. 

Though he was 17 at the time of the murder, Syed was tried as an adult. He has maintained his innocence. 

On Monday evening, dressed smartly in a white shirt and blue tie - the same clothes he had been wearing as he walked free from jail earlier - Syed could be seen perusing the contents of the family fridge.

In what was clearly a marked change from prison food, Syed was more than content eating some cold dumplings out of a plastic box and held a container of samosas in his hands as his excited relatives informed him fresh supplies were on the way.

Just an absolutely astounding video. Horrifying actually. This man captivated the entire nation in 2014. Everyone listened to Serial. It was a podcast so powerful that it made our parents ask "what's a podcast?". It had that much cultural relevance. It also directly led to this day where Adnan was freed and allowed to return home. And after 23 years of being locked away for a crime he didn't commit he comes home to...cold take out dumplings from the local Chinese restaurant? 

I mean what in the actual fuck. That is the most insulting thing I have ever seen. I love leftovers as much as the next guy. I've got a pot of chicken soup in the fridge right now from last night. Having said that, if I have been away in jail for 23 fucking years and I come home the first thing I eat better be on par with this last thing I would've eaten if I had been tried in Texas. It better be the meal of the year. Steaks, mashed potatoes, the finest and freshest vegetables, burrata, the works. A 12 course meal of all the best stuff in the world. Not, "hey you want these dumplings from saturday? I think they're chicken".

The only conclusion here is that Adnan's family think he did it. This is enough evidence for a re-trial. Pull the tapes. Search the house for confession letters. Adnan could've gone to like virtually any home in America and been treated better than he was treated by his own family. They must know something.