Coward: Dan Orlovsky Is Trying To Blame Blue Cheese After Ripping A Massive Fart Sound During Monday Night Football

This is one of the most unprofessional acts these eyes and ears have ever seen. Dan Orlovsky had an entire 4th quarter to own up to the fart sound. Or at least deny it! Instead he took a garbage way out. He went to Twitter and tried to blame a delicious dip for wings:

Blue cheese is awesome, especially when done correct. I'm not talking about the salad dressing out of the bottle. I'm talking about getting the good chunks of blue cheese. The one where you dip your wing in it and get those crumbles and some sauce. Perfection. I'm a huge blue cheese guy. Elite. Put blue cheese crumbles on my burger, wings, chicken, on top of my steak as a crust. Whatever you want. Blue cheese is awesome.

But this is a coward way out. You can't blame the blue cheese. You sneeze farted. That wasn't blue cheese. That was not being able to handle Buffalo. Orlovsky is a quarterback from UConn. That's not blue collar. That's not someone made to handle eating wings and going to work. 

Just own it Dan. Say you let out the fart. Don't blame the fine Buffalo establishments. Don't try and hide from it. Check your drawers because you also 100% farted for real.