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Dusty Baker Getting Doused With Beers And Champagne While Screaming At The Top Of His Lungs Was The Highlight Of The Astros Division Clinching Celebration

This may come as breaking news to you, but the Astros are good. They wrapped up the AL West last night in what can only be described as a surprise to no one. Best team in the AL at 97-51, it wasn't even close in that division. They own the West as they have for the past few seasons. And lets be real, the Astros don't play for division championships, they know they're good enough for another ring this year. 

So their celebration wasn't anything special, they didn't go overly crazy but we did get to see Dusty Baker get doused in champagne and beer while he screeched at the top of his lungs. The noise he makes is hilarious.

What a sound by Dusty! There really isn't anything you can do when Yordan Alvarez is right in front of you with some champagne and beers getting ready to dump them on you. You just accept your fate and scream like Dusty did. At least in the first interview he told them he didn't have goggles on so he had to wait, you could even see he had to fend off some of the Astros who were ready to get Dusty all wet and there was nowhere he could hide in that locker room. 

Pretty funny clip and it shows a manager that guys enjoy, a guy they want to play for. He knows how hard they work to get here, he knows that some of these guys have never been in a situation like this so why not join in on the fun. Dusty knows the job isn't done and they don't play for t-shirts, but I think it's great how excited he seemed for his team and his guys. How can you not be happy for him?