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Watch This When You're High - How Do Noise Canceling Headphones Work?

metamorworks. Getty Images.

I was on a plane with three kids who were trying to one-up each other on who could scream bloody murder the loudest last week. I threw in my AirPods (the 2nd generation noise canceling ones) and got distracted doing something else for 5 minutes or so. When I thought back to what I was going to put on, I realized I couldn't hear the wailing babies anymore. 

I took an airpod out, and sure enough, they were still going nuts. Popped it back in, and voila. Nothing.

So I began wondering how the fuck does this technology exactly work?

I get it when they're piping in music, a movie, a podcast, or whatever, and being able to drown out surrounding noise. But how the fuck do they do it with just silence by simply putting them in your ears?

Here's the answer

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