BREAKING: A Judge Has Overturned The Murder Conviction Of Adnan Syed From The Hit Podcast Serial

Holy shit, talk about a blast from the goddamn past! It's hard to explain to people how big of a phenomenon Serial was back in the day as a true crime podcast that went viral at a time when most people didn't know what the fuck a podcast was. Now everybody not only knows what podcasts are but I think every person on the planet has hosted multiple podcasts at different points of the last few years.

I know this all sounds ridiculous for people who don't know what the fuck is going on, but trust me this was a massive story during a time that looking back didn't have a lot going on before the world lost its mind the last five years or so. Massive groups of people believed Adnan was clearly guilty or clearly innocent, which led to nonstop banter from both sides.

KFC did an awesome job breaking everything down on a special KFC Radio podcast back in the day.

Anyway, Adnan is free! Granted if you asked me a few hours ago if Adnan was free or in jail, I would've guessed he was freed years ago. Nope! Turns out he was in the slammer with the dementors for a conviction that was overturned "in the interest of justice". The judge definitely put some stank on that quote knowing that everyone still living in 2015 was going to perk up when they heard the news.

Lee Sanderlin covered everything that went down in the court room in this thread:


What does this mean for Adnan? What does this mean for that weasel fuck Jay? What does this mean for Sarah Koenig? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MAILCHIMP?!? There are more questions than answers right now but I won't rest until I get them all figured out.