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Tough Day: A Fan Is Being Investigated By Vegas Police For Allegedly Slapping Kyler Murray After The Raiders Choked Away The Game

And a slower motion shot of the slap: 

That's not a missed high five typically reserved for golfers and caddies after a big time putt. That's an open slap to a forehead. Impressive he connected. Less impressed because it's a Raiders fan. I try not to stereotype, but come on, it's the Raiders. If there was 1 single report of a fan being investigated by police it's the Raiders. 

[Source] - Police in Las Vegas said Monday they're investigating allegations that a fan in the stands struck Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray amid celebrations of Arizona's 29-23 overtime victory over the Raiders.

Officer Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police spokesman, confirmed that a battery complaint was made about 6:30 p.m. at the stadium. The report was not immediately available.

Hey, I get it. Watching your team lose sucks. Watching your team choke away a massive lead at home sucks even more. That's especially true when you think you have the game won when you have the ball and driving in OT. You don't expect a scoop and score after a Hunter Renfrow fumble, but that's football Suzyn. 

This just goes to what has been said multiple times. Players should have the right to hit back at least once per season. You get slapped in the head, you can use your free pass to fight back. Everyone should have cleared out and Rough n Rowdy happen right there. I know the fan allegedly was swiping wildly and just happened to connect with the face. 

But getting smushed in the face is disrespectful. At least really hit me. Don't just smush the face. Make it worth your while if you're going to do that. Then again if I watched my team give this up, I'd be happy to just make contact with Kyler.