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Nurse Turned Only Fans Creator Claims She Was FIRED Due To Coworkers Watching Her Too Much

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Another "model" FIRED for being too hot? Glenny, we have your next interview for ONLY STANS

Indiana resident, Jaelyn claims that she has been fired as a nurse. Now clearly that happens everyday sadly around this country, but this fiery piece of works claims that due to her Only Fans success she was fired. To compound it, her supervisor claims coworkers have been buying it and she's become a distraction thus the reason for her termination. 

Now in doing some "research" she is somewhat successful and claims that most of the income she has is from OF. She claims to have a Mercedes SUV she bought from her earnings alone. It can be seen here: 

Jaelynn claims her manager also says that she was told that "they can't actually fire her for her Only Fans, but that CNA's and other coworkers are gossiping about her and "jealous" oogling over her while she's on the clock". 

Good for her for trying to have a career… but might as well focus on your budding OF career love…