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Video: A Cowboys Fan Shopping in Walmart on Horseback After a Win is the Ultimate Flex

Sweet mother of Tom Landry, this is glorious. We as a people may all get a perverse joy at the decades-long failure of Jerry Jones' plaything that lacks self-awareness enough to call itself America's Team. We may all revel in the misery that befalls Cowboys fans every December and January with unfailing regularity. We may delight in mocking them behind their backs. But then you witness something like this and it makes you appreciate the unique oddity of this peculiar collection of goofballs. 

If you know someone from another country - let's even include another planet or another dimension entirely - and they asked you to tell them something about Dallas, Texas, all you'd have to do is show them this clip. It says it all. Perfectly encapsulating their culture in less than 30 seconds. From the cowboy hat to the Dak Prescott jersey to the spray paint on this poor animal to the setting. Especially the part where the cashier is so completely casual about the fact she's waiting on a customer who's on the back of a potentially deadly two ton shitting machine. It's magnificent. And everything you need to know about the American icon we call Cowboys fans. 

This is what we get after they even their record to 1-1. If by some miracle this franchise ever wins another Super Bowl (not likely as long as Jerruh is his own GM), they'll unleash Armageddon upon us all. How 'bout them Cowboys fans?