If You Want A Little Motivation, Watch Hardy's Acceptance Speech For Song Writer Of The Year

I know this was last week but I need to give my guy Hardy some love. A little backstory on Hardy, he has wrote probably every big country song you have ever heard. He is one of the most talented guys I have ever met. During Covid Mike Stud had a virtual Beer Pong tournament that Dana and I were lucky enough to be apart of it. Our first opponents were Morgan Wallen and Hardy. I am not a huge Country guy but my brother said holy shit these guys are the best and all of this nonsense. Who am I to be included in that kind of tournament? We played them and they were the nicest and coolest guys ever. 

Hardy at the time had less than 100K followers and wasn't the most known Country artist, but I kept in touch and ended up becoming good friends with him thankfully. We basically just talk straight gambling and never anything about country music. I even went and played on his Softball team in Nashville. I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging about knowing him, I simply want to show how awesome a dude this guy is. 

In this speech he says in 2015 he was playing and had a tip jar in front of the stage. They made about $10 in tips that night but someone wrote QUIT on a napkin and put it in the tip jar. I know a lot of people say BS in their speeches, but this motivated him to become one of the biggest and respected people in country music. You ask any Country singer about Hardy and they'll say they all know him and go onto speak highly of him. 

The guy sits down and just writes banger after banger and is selling out shows for his own music now. It shows if you just keep going and believe in yourself you can get to where you want to be. It also helps that he is the most humble guy of all time. One of the coolest moments I saw was that Bryce Harper wanted to meet him and he looked exactly like me. Like holy shit are you serious Bryce fucking Harper is coming on the bus to meet him? We both looked at each other like is this real life? 

It is just cool to see someone like Hardy achieve this because I see how hard he works and I always feel bad because I feel like I can never repay him for the coolest experiences he gives me going backstage at his concerts. All I could really offer was some Balls Beachwear, which is a collectors item. Moral of the story, you are always going to have haters and usually that means someone is not happy with their own lives. 

I'll never forget a lot of people were saying "who's the guy in the glasses" during the beer pong stream. All those people saying that are now buying tickets to his sold out shows. Shoutout to Hardy for being the fucking man and saying fuck you to every single hater.