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The NFL Lays Down The Hammer And Suspends Mike Evans For His Role In Sunday's Fight Vs. The Saints

Chris Graythen. Getty Images.

Mike Evans is a great teammate as I penned earlier. But the NFL didn't seem to care, suspending the star WR for one game. 

There was a previous incident with these two, dating back to 2017.

However, Schefter announced that no suspension would be coming for the instigator of the entire brouhaha, Marshon Lattimore. 

In both instances, Evans was simply defending his Quarterback.

The NFL claims they are all about protecting their Star Quarterbacks. Hit them below their knees? 15 yards. If you touch them 0.1 second after they're down or release the ball? Flag. But if you protect the biggest Star Quarterback when he's about to be assaulted by a ruffian? Ejected and suspended. It's a sad day, it's a bad day.