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Reader Email: How Do I Properly Prepare For A Job Interview Next Week?

Hello friends! I'm actually in a good mood today and that's thanks to Andy Frasco, who I decided to jam out to this morning:

I'm still trying to wipe the stink that was that abortion of a SNF game off me, and the best way to do that is to focus on the White Sox, an organization that wants nothing more but to win at all costs. The internet is a little slow today, so I figured let's do a little mailbag extravaganza where I answer questions 

Tanner Banks is a good story. But he shouldn't be a good story on a team hellbent on winning titles. He should be a good story on a team like the Royals who are in the midst of a rebuild and far from winning a title. That's not to say he's bad - he's just a LOOGY. LOOGYs don't really exist anymore with the 3 batter minimum. 

As for advice on your interview - lie through your teeth as much as possible to make yourself better than the undoubtedly mediocre person you actually are. Figure out a way to hide your arrest record. Don't let them sniff out that you drink and gamble entirely too much on weekends, and do NOT, I repeat do NOT let them find out you're going to me for advice on not just how to dominate an interview, but advice on literally anything at all. 

What's up Charlie! I'll make this nice and short:

1. 100%. The white sox are sweeping the Guardians this week
2. I love what the big bastard Lance Lynn is doing right now. I also love how Cueto has stepped up against the best of the best and Cease has obviously been awesome, but has yet to really nut up in a big game. I'd go Lynn, Cueto and Cease in that order.
3. We can and we WILL. I hope. Need this recent trend of running the "home run" play to continue BIG TIME this week. 

It's funny to me: the white sox, an organization that HATES the idea of wasting money, wastes more money than anyone. Instead of spending on top of the line free agents, they often dumpster dive for guys like Garcia, Mat Latos, Jimmy Rollins, Harrison (who hasn't been awful, but there were WAY better options available), etc. etc. etc.

If they had any balls at all and cared about winning, Garcia would not be back next year. No shot. He's one of the very worst players in baseball. There is NOTHING he excels at. Bad defensively wherever he plays, horrific offensively, bad baserunner. He's just really, really bad and they should eat the remaining $10MM he's due, release him, and let Mendick/Romy/Sosa and whoever duke it out for the utility role next year. That's what they should have done this year, but for some beyond stupid reason they decided to give him a 3 year fucking deal. It will never, ever make sense to me. 

Grandal is a different story, but also a similar one. They need him to figure it out in a BAD way in the last year of his deal. He's no longer a plus catcher as everyone knows. He's actually bad defensively now. They're not gonna sign anyone of relevance next year and pay like… $30MM to the catcher position… so he's gotta bounce back. It's a must. If he's dog shit come mid-May or June next year, cut bait and trade for an actual catcher. That's all they really can do with him, unless they unload him to someone this winter (and eat money doing so), but that won't happen. All we can do is pray he rebounds. 

I'm gonna pause this blog so I can eat this burrito. Okay I'm done eating the burrito. Back to 

Excellent question. I actually met an agent for Boras Corp. a few days ago and he said it's because Jerry Reinsdorf didn't want to risk having to pay a pitcher with an injury history $18MM or w/e the qualifying offer was at the time. Too risky for them. They'd rather waste money on Vince Velasquez, who was good for this this year…

…instead of rolling the dice on a dude who was incredible in 2021 and put up these numbers in 2022:

Fucking pathetic. Nobody wants to win more than Jerry though!!! I'll never forgive them for this one. The white sox spent a combined $17.5MM on Garcia, Velasquez and Joe Kelly this year. There's your fucking Rodon money you jagoff. Oh, and there's no such thing as a bad one year deal. 

So far, so good, though I don't hate or love any characters yet. That was my favorite part of Thrones, is that I had an insatiable appetite of watching the Ramsey Bolton vs. Jon Snow rivalry. I also HATED Cersei and most of the Lannister family off the bat in Thrones. Great rack though. A+ sweater hams. I'm sure I'll get there in due time with Dragons, but so far I only want Viserys' head on a stake and that's not even because I hate him, per se. It's more because he's a weak bitch. Fuck him. 

That's it for today's grab bag. I hope this cleansed your pallet. Until then, here's who I'm jamming out to today:

- the aforementioned Andy Frasco and the UN
- Anderson East
- Whisky Meyers
- Still Woozy
- and Lynyrd Skynyrd

Have a great rest of your Monday, everybody.