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The Emoni Bates Saga Is Just Sad - Former No. 1 Recruit Has Reportedly Been Arrested On Two Felony Gun Charges

[Source] - The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office said deputies in Superior Township pulled Bates over after he failed to stop at an intersection on Sunday night.

During the investigation, the sheriff's office said a firearm was discovered and Bates was taken into custody.

Court records show he is charged with two felonies – one for carrying a concealed weapons and one for altering ID marks on a weapon.

Yikes man. Two things immediately came to mind for me. 1) This is incredibly stupid, dumb, fill in the blank for any synonym here. 2) This entire saga is just sad now. Emoni Bates was supposed to be the next one. He had all this hype, he was the only sophomore to ever win Gatorade National Player of the Year in high school. He was supposed to be a lock No. 1 pick, an All-American, every accolade you can think of.

Instead, he reclassified and decided to go to Memphis - after decommitting from Michigan State originally. At Memphis it was a pretty big disaster. He struggled, dealt with a reported back injury, came back for part of an NCAA Tournament game and then left. Even his transfer was filled with shit. 

Now, less than a month after being introduced by EMU, he's been arrested. Not just arrested - arrested on two felony gun charges. His lawyer did come out with this statement:

[Source] - Steve Haney, lawyer for Bates, told ESPN that the arrest last night came after a routine traffic stop when he was driving a borrowed car that had a gun in it. "Reserve judgment on this," Haney said in a statement. "There's way more to the story. He borrowed someone's car, was pulled over and a gun was located in the car."

Looks like that's when we'll find out more. But it seems more and more likely that we're not gonna see Emoni Bates to start the season - if at all.