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RGIII Owes Short Kings Everywhere An Apology After This Kyler Murray Tweet

Yesterday was a monumental day for Short Kings everywhere. Kyler Murray led the Arizona Cardinals to a ridiculous comeback win in overtime. Tua unloaded for 6 TDs against Baltimore. I know he's technically listed at 6'1" but I'm calling bullshit on that one and claiming him as a Short King. Michael Sowers won the PLL Championship Game MVP while leading the Waterdogs to their first title. It was a tremendous day for all of us under 6' who are sick and tired of seeing tall dudes get all the shine. 

And just as we were all feeling great about ourselves, that's when that bozo Bob Griffin the Third decided to chime in with this tweet. 

Giphy Images.

The heck is that, dude? You can't go around height shaming like that in the year 2022. Did he even stop to consider just how reckless and damaging that shit is? 

Kyler Murray is 5'10". But if this jabroni goes around getting people to think that he's 5'5", well then what does that do for guys who are 5'8" or 5'7"? Now that practically puts them at 5' flat. Fuck that. Fuck RGIII. Poor guy is just salty that Kyler has already done more in his NFL career in half the time as RGIII did in his. And, at least according to RGIII, at half the height, too. 

Apologize, coward.