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Is It Time For A Quarterback Change In Pittsburgh?

After a miracle week one win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Steelers lost 17-14 in their home opener against the New England Patriots. Watching the Steelers offense go 3 and out every other possession especially down the stretch is super frustrating. They have to be better on the offensive side of the ball to win games. 

The defense kept them in the game just like they have been doing for the last few years, but it wasn't enough. The offense is a big problem, as they simply can't seem to get anything going. They don't use the middle of the field, they can't use play action because the run game is non-existent, and the playbook is so simplified which makes them run the same exact plays over and over again. These little dink and dunk plays that go for 3 yards every drive have become so repetitive I feel like I am watching the same football game week after week for the last 3 years.

Steelers twitter has been in a frenzy after yesterday's loss and rightfully so. It is really hard to put the blame on one person and I think it's fairly a combination of multiple things. 

1) The play calling isn't working. Mitch Trubisky has attempted 71 passes in a Steelers uniform. Just 10 of those have traveled over 20 air yards and 15 of them have been at or behind the line of scrimmage. Has Mitch made some questionable reads and questionable decisions? Yes I think he has, but when receivers are running the same routes over and over again I'm sure defenses adjust and minimize what you actually can do. Playmakers on the offense had this to say after the loss yesterday.


That's not a ricochet shot at offensive coordinator Matt Canada. That's a direct shot. Mitch has played better when he runs an up tempo offense and I hope we can see more of that against the Browns on Thursday night. We have seen this for 3 straight years when is enough enough. The Steelers don't typically do this and I know it's early in the season but Matt Canada should be on the hot seat. As for the quarterback situation, I'm giving Mitch a pass FOR NOW because it's still early. We are only two weeks into a long season. In the next few weeks if nothing changes, the Steelers will need a spark and they should turn to their first round draft pick Kenny Pickett. The only good thing to come out of yesterday's game if you are a Steelers fan is every other team in the AFC North lost, so if the offense figures this out, the playoffs are still alive.