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Losing To The Lions And Having Them Make Fun Of Your Incompetence Is As Low As It Gets


Losing is losing. Every team loses. It happens. If you expect to win every game you are a bit delusional. But losing to the god damn LIONS and then having them tap dance on your entire franchise's incompetence should be where the Commanders draw the line. The Lions have never played for a Super Bowl and their last playoff victory was in 1992. And they are out here making the Commies look like complete assholes, thus heads should god damn ROLL. Maybe it's because I've been watching House of the Dragon, but someone has to pay the price for this. How will any team take us seriously, why would any free agent sign in Washington again, if the front office rolls over like a dead dog and lets the DETROIT LIONS do the Cha Cha Slide on our faces?

Look, funny is funny. The Commies put out a mug for sale with the state of Washington on it and the Lions social media team found a great way to troll and ran with it, credit deserved. 



But now in Washington, someone's gotta pay the Piper. You cannot keep getting embarrassed like this over and over again without a metaphorical throat getting cut. And that person should obviously be Jack Del Rio, who has zero idea how to run a defense. Absolutely none. Zero. Obviously Ron Rivera is partly to blame, as he didn't go out of his way to help the defense improve after last year. But JDR clearly, without a shadow of a doubt, is not equipped to be a defensive coordinator and thus he should not be coordinating the defense for one minute more.

Enough is enough is enough. Time to do one of those "change the culture" type of speeches, and send JDR into the sunset.